Frontier Communications is a leading provider of communications services. At this point in time, the company only serves 29 states. However, on August the 3rd, Frontier confirmed that their Frontier AnyWare service was now available across the nation. The service is a cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol telecommunications solution for businesses. It is provided by Frontier, but powered by Mitel. The service is described as the most flexible and cost-effective path for small and mid-sized businesses to achieving a feature rich business phone system.

The scalable service offers a variety of cloud-based services, including business continuity routing, a web-based user portal, and mobile twinning. Frontier AnyWare provides business owners with a flexible, affordable and scalable unified communications solution. It can be used for businesses of various sizes ranging from 5 to 500 employees.

The service delivers a reduction in expenses when toll calling and making long distance calls between offices. Frontier offers the AnyWare service in several different packages to better accommodate the unique needs of all businesses.

Executive Vice President of Commercial sales for Frontier, Ken Arndt, spoke about AnyWare. “Frontier AnyWare is scalable and easy-to-use. It makes the transition to cloud-based technologies customizable, cost-effective and ideal for growing businesses.”

The service, which is powered by Mitel, delivers a converged voice and data communication solution. Just recently, Frontier Communications was recognized as Mitel’s Top U.S. Channel Partner for the sixth consecutive year. Additional details can be found here.

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