Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) is a favorite among investors thanks to its yield and dividend. The company has taken steps to expand its grasp and will continue to do so in the coming months. The company has set it sights on New York. On July the 5th, the city of Middletown held a hearing to listen to Frontier’s proposal to bring their digital video and television services to the area. Frontier already has an office in the city and currently offers Internet and phone service to Middletown residents. They also offer cable television through DISH Network.

Frontier’s digital television platform, Vantage TV, has already been made available in several states. The service, which utilizes Ericsson’s Mediaroom, gives consumers access to on-demand content, Netflix and Amazon Video access, and the ability to record up to six channels simultaneously. The Vantage platform will be made available in standard, high, and ultra-high definition. Frontier has confirmed that current customers, who have DISH as their television provider, will not be impacted, unless they wish to become a Vantage customer.

During the rollout, it is expected that Vantage will be made available to 75% percent of the city. The company will continue to expand, as necessary. The transition should be fluid, since Frontier will utilize existing infrastructure for the expansion. Frontier’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of New York Operations, Elena Kilpatrick, has confirmed that Frontier intends to expand to other areas as well. According to Kilpatrick, the company has already entered into conversations with city leaders of the Villages, Port Jervis, Deerpark, as well as the Towns of Monroe and Goshen. Suffice to say, the company has shown no signs of slowing after the Verizon acquisition.

The company has also announced the launch of the Pac-12 Network in Southern California. According to Pac-12 Networks, Frontier Communications subscribers in Southern California will be able to gain access to the Pac-12 Network just in time for the upcoming football season. The network is expected to launch by September the 1st. Los Angeles FiOS television customers will be able to access the network, if they’re currently subscribed to Frontier’s Preferred tier. Those in Palm Springs will need to be on Frontier’s Extreme tier, in order to access the network.

In other news, Frontier has enlists the assistance of Roy Labrador to manage their commercial sales efforts in the Southeastern portion of Florida, as well as South Carolina and North Carolina. Labrador will be responsible for leading the push to encourage businesses to make the switch to Frontier Business Edge. Ken Finkelson, who joined Frontier in 2013, has been named the director of sales for CPE, Customer Premise Equipment, and sales engineering for Frontier’s Southeast region.

With customer complaints associated with the Verizon takeover finally begin to wane, Frontier may be able to capitalize and being drawing in additional clients. Frontier is expected to report earning after the market closes on August the 1st. Based on 5 analysts’ forecasts, Zacks Investment Research currently has a consensus EPS forecast of -0.04 cents for the quarter. The company reported an EPS of $0.03 for the same quarter last year.

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