On March the 30th of 2017, Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) announced the expansion of their broadband Internet service in Texas. The company leveraged the FCC’s Connect America Fund to make broadband Internet available to approximately 5,500 eligible households, while simultaneously opening the door for 20,000 more. In total, approximately 25,000 Texas households will now have access to Frontier’s leading-edge services. The deployments were made with the CAF in conjunction with Frontier’s capital investment.

The Connect America Fund was created by the FCC in 2011 to bring broadband to Americans living in rural areas. Since 2016, Frontier has receives around $16 million a year to make their broadband service available to CAF-eligible households. The company has committed to reaching 37,208 locations in Texas by the end of 2020. The CAF program and investments from Frontier have helped to bring broadband Internet to households, which were previously left out in the cold. Simultaneously, the cooperative effort brings speed and service improvements to consumers in the impacted areas.

Frontier Communications current offers simplified broadband services and bundled packages in 29 states. Broadband Internet makes it possible for businesses and consumers to remain connected, while also gaining access to pertinent education and healthcare services. Thanks to the collaboration between Frontier Communications and the CAF program, more Texans will now be able to access crucial services that were previously unavailable.

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