This week, Frontier Communications announced the expansion of their service to unserved residents in West Virginia. During the last 18 months, Frontier has leveraged the Connect American Fund, CAF, by the FCC to provide approximately 16,900 unserved residents with access to broadband. Simultaneously, they’ve taken steps to improve their services for 35 counties across the communities served by Frontier. Approximately 117,000 households will now have access to faster speeds than ever before. Thanks to the CAF and Frontier, 134,000 West Virginia households now have access to improved broadband services.

The expansions were made in part thanks to the Connect American Fund, as well as Frontier’s capital investment. The CAF was established by the FCC in 2011 to bring broadband to unserved Americans living in rural areas. Besides the speed increases, Frontier will also begin providing customers in these areas with access to simplified broadband plans, as well as bundled service packages. Maximum speeds of 45 Mbps are available, but Frontier admits the speeds can deviate based on the customer’s distance from their nearest facilities.

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