Over the past few months, the IFTTT, If This Then That, service has grown very popular amongst smart home owners. The platform makes it possible for consumers to setup their smart devices to switch on or off depending on a set of parameters. The online service also makes it possible for consumers to make connections between mobile apps and website to their connected devices. The possibilities are nearly endless and GO Appliances and now made their window air conditioners compatible with the IFTTT platform.

The company’s product manager for room air products, Mark Evans, insists the company’s connected air conditioner channel will allow you to “decrease waste of cooling an empty room and increase comfort when you’re at home”. Since the release of the company’s connected window air conditioner, hundreds have already downloaded the GE Comfort app to control their unit. Current users have given the air conditioner a rating of 4.2, while praising its simple install and quiet settings. The company’s most popular smart air conditioners include the AED10AV and the AEC12AV.

Both appliances give consumers the ability to configure a handful of automation settings.

  • Setup a unique cooling schedule
  • Monitor and control the AC from anywhere in the world
  • Switch between cooling modes fluidly
  • Control several units from the mobile application
  • Receive filter clean and change reminders

Ge appliances smart air conditioner

And of course, the addition of the IFTTT compatibility will enhance the functionality of the appliances immensely. By utilizing the IFTTT feature, users will be able to create recipes and force their smart air condition to respond in certain ways to specific situations. GE Appliances has already configured a few recipes, which used can now copy and utilize for their devices. Below, you’ll discover some of the unique ways the GE Appliances smart air conditioner can be used with the IFTTT platform.

  • Control the device through Amazon’s Alexa
  • Dim lights when energy savings mode is enabled
  • Control temperature
  • Track and manage air filter alerts in Google spreadsheets
  • Add reminders to calendars for easier changes

The addition of the IFTTT is definitely impressive and will certainly give owners of such devices easier access and control over their smart air conditioners. The new feature gives non-owners even more of a reason to consider adding one to their arsenal!

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