It was recently confirmed that GE Healthcare and HeartFlow, Inc. would be teaming up. Through the global collaboration agreement, the team will attempt to expand the clinical availability and adoption of HeartFlow’s FFRct. This proprietary technology can help medical professionals diagnose and treat patients that may be suffering from CAD, coronary artery disease. The collaboration will rely on computer tomography scanners from GE Healthcare. These scanners will be used in conjunction with HeartFlow FFRct. The HeartFlow technology is the world’s first non-invasive technology for delivering insight into the extent and impact on CAD.

When the doctor relies on HeartFlow FFRct, they are given more knowledge enabling them to better develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient. In return, it will also reduce the need for further invasive testing. Initially, the collaboration will focus on the United States. However, both companies plan to expand into other markets in the future. In the United States, coronary artery disease impacts nearly 17 million people. This disease causes the coronary arteries to narrow leading the blood flow to the heart to decrease. In return, this can cause angina, myocardial infarction, and even death.

When attempting to diagnose at patient with CAD, doctors will want to know more about the blockage and the impact. By having more information on hand, the doctor will have a better chance of choosing the best solution for the problem at hand. Data produced with the HeartFlow FFRct CT angiogram is automatically uploaded to the hospital’s system. Then, the HeartFlow technology will use deep learning to create a digital 3D model of the patient’s coronary arteries. Algorithms solve millions of complex equations to emulate blood flow and find areas that are most impacted.

The doctor can then obtain this information using a secure web interface. GE and Heartflow believe their collaboration will create promising new ways for doctors to diagnose CAD, while simultaneously guiding appropriate treatment.

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