On May the 30th, GE announced they would soon be providing more than 400 schools with 3D printers. The move comes as a part of the company’s GE Additive Education Program. The company expects their printers to reach more than 180,000 all around the world. As a part of their commitment to help develop a pipeline for future talent, GE will send desktop polymer printer packages to approximately 400 primary and secondary schools. Eight colleges and universities will receive a metal printing machine.

The packages sent to primary and secondary schools will include two Polar Cloud-enabled polymer printers. Each school will receive a XYZprinting printer and a Polar 3D printer. Primary and secondary schools will also obtain Polar 3D’s STEAMtrax curriculum, a two-year license, six rolls of filament for each printer, and a STEAMtrax module kit. The packages are expected to be delivered to students in the following countries.

  • China
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Eight universities and colleges will be given a Concept Laser MLAB cusing 100R metal printing machine. Each machine has an estimated market value of approximately $250,000. These machines will be delivered to the following universities.

  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of New South Wales
  • Ohio State University
  • North Carolina State University
  • Auburn University
  • Boston University
  • Iowa State University

GE’s Additive Education Program was established this past January along with GE’s commitment to invest $10 million over the next five years to develop pipelines for future talent in additive manufacturing. Of the $10 million total, $8 million will be solely dedicated to bringing metal additive machines to universities. The remaining $2 million will be used to provide primary and secondary school students with access to desktop polymer printers.

GE expects to deliver the printers to the aforementioned schools sometime later this year. Additional machines will be distributed to more schools each year for the following four years. Additional details about GE’s Additive Education program can be found here.

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