This week, the Oregon Office of Workforce Investments received a WARN notification from General Distributors Inc. The letter explains that General Distributors, which is located in Oregon City, had decided to stop operating as an independent business on March 31, 2018. All of the company’s stock will be sold to Columbia Distributing. Columbia will operate as a distributor and will handle much of GDI’s former business.

The letter explains that the competitive nature of the business and other related factors have led to the decision. The company also intends to terminate all current GDI employees. The permanently employee terminations will take place on March 31, 2018. The letter admits that GDI cannot promise that Columbia will hire GDI employees. However, Columbia has indicated that it may hire some former GDI employees.

All impacted employees have already been notified of the closing. None of the workers have access to bumping rights. The facility is located at 13895 Fir Street in Oregon City, Oregon. The move could lead to 165 employees losing their jobs. Again, some of the employees may be hired by Columbia. The full WARN notification has been made available here.

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