On Tuesday July the 25th, GoNetspeed confirmed they were gearing up for a launch in select Pittsburgh communities. The company is a leading provider of fiber-optic broadband services. The intention of the expansion is to target business and residential customers. Approximately 39% of American consumers have access to more than one Internet provider that offers speeds of 25 Mbps or higher. GoNetspeed believes it will be able to fill the void and provide consumers with more options than ever before.

The company believes their entry into the market will increase bandwidth alternatives in Pittsburgh, while simultaneously providing an economic advantage to the other communities they currently serve. By October of this year, GoNetspeed hopes to begin offering their residential services to Ambridge residents. The service will be expanded to Beaver Falls sometime afterwards. GoNetspeed offers residential plans of varying speeds, including 100 Megabit of bandwidth, 500 megabit and 1 Gigabit.

The 100 Megabit of bandwidth plan starts at just $50. The company is well aware of the fact that Americans are now using more bandwidth than ever before. The Internet of Things, online gaming and video streaming services have increased the average American’s need for faster speeds and more bandwidth. GoNetspeed has made it a top priority to bridge the digital divide by delivering fiber-optic connections to consumers in the Pittsburgh area.

The company also intends to use the expansion to serve the business community with Internet and Ethernet services. It has already hired a local sales person and has plans to add engineering and support personnel locally. The company is headquartered out of Rochester, New York. Besides the announced Pittsburg expansion, GoNetspeed has also confirmed they’re working on plans to spread to other communities in Pennsylvania, Florida and California where interest is generated.

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