It is no secret that GoPro experienced a tumultuous 2016. Over the course of a year, the company lost around $373 million, was forced to recall their Karma drones, and laid off 270 employees. Nevertheless, GoPro isn’t giving up yet. In fact, the company has decided to launch a new trade-in program, which they hope will stimulate growth. Consumers will now be able to trade-up their own hardware for a brand-new GoPro camera. A prevision generation Hero camera will net the consumer $50 off a new Hero 5 Session or a $100 discount on a Hero 5 Black. Even better is the fact that GoPro is more than happy to cover the cost of shipping.

Once the company has received the old camera, they’ll ship the new one to the consumer’s home. GoPro owners can begin the trade-in process by visiting the company’s official website here. After the checkout process, the customer will receive their shipping label. Pack it up, send it in and wait for GoPro to receive the older hardware. Before too long, the consumer will have a brand-new GoPro camera at a discounted price. Whether or not the trade-in program will help to improve the company’s bottom line remains to be seen. After a third round of layoffs in March, it is clear the company needs to take a more aggressive approach towards achieving profitability. GoPro will launch their Hero 6 Camera later this year and that may be the boost they need.

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