There is no doubt that relocating from one dwelling to the next can be downright stressful. And, the costs can be enormous. A brand new startup, Hire A Helper, hopes to be able to help consumers breeze through a relocation. The online marketplace consists of moving labor companies, which are willing to help consumers move their belongings. The website launched a brand new calculator, which will give customers the ability to know precisely how much they’ll end up spending overall. The Moving Cost Calculator allows consumers to get estimates for all moving expenses in a single interface.

The Calculator takes into account criteria provided by the user, including the size and distance of the move. The calculator is also designed to consider the consumer’s desired moving approach, such as DIY, full service, and hybrid moving. With the Hybrid Moving option, consumers can rent their own truck or storage container and hire laborer to do the heavy lifting. The HireAHelper website was launched in 2007 and has since served more than 150,000 movers throughout the United States.

When forced to move again in the future, consumers would be wise to check out the services provided by HireAHelp. The company’s Moving Cost Calculator can be utilized by visiting the following link.

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