Since returning to the market under new ownership in 2013, Hostess has managed to recover from its previous troubles. On Monday, the company announced the completion of its acquisition of the in-store bakery company, Superior Cake Products. Super Cake Products, which is based out of Massachusetts, produces an array of delicious goods, such as Madeleines, Black and White Cookies, and Brownie Bites. The company also produces premium baked goods, which are sold through in-store bakeries with various retailers.

CEO of Hostess, Bill Toler, insisted the company saw “significant growth potential in the in-store bakery channel”. Acquiring Super on Main products will allow the company to further delve into that market. Super Cake Products make many products under the Superior on Main brand at their specialty bakery in Southbridge, Massachusetts. For further details regarding the acquisition, be sure to check the company’s press release. In other news, Hostess recently teamed up with Wal-Mart to begin selling deep-fried Twinkies exclusively at Wal-Mart stores.

Also, on June the 6th, Hostess voluntarily recalled 710,000 cases of cakes and donuts, due to concerns of peanut contamination. The company has only receive notification of two allergic reactions associated with the recall and the impact is expected to be minute. For additional information regarding Hostess, their products, or the recall, be sure to visit the company’s website at

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