With HTC struggling to gain traction with their smartphone business, the company has decided to pay more attention to the virtual reality market. The company has announced the launch of a dedicated app store for their virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive. The Viveport will be available on the Vive, as well as Windows, smartphones, and through a web application. Although the majority of hype generated from the virtual reality scene has been about video games, the company will also offer access to educational, video, music, sports, travel, and news applications.

Those that have been purchasing games for their Vive through Steam will still be able to do just that. However, the new Viveport VR app store providers Vive users with easier and quicker access to the virtual reality content that they desire. Although it is highly likely that the Viveport App Store will continue to grow and expand, it currently contains a total of 100 applications. The Viveport app store is expected to be launched to the public sometime this fall. However, the company will launch a developer beta very soon.

Viveport is designed to empower content creators and developers, who wish to develop content for virtual reality users. The Viveport will allow content creators to take advantage of pay-to-download, subscription, and in-app purchases to increase their revenue. For additional information, be sure to check out the company’s press release right now.

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