Earlier this week, the neighborhood provider of fiber optic Internet, i3 Broadband, announced they had initiated construction in multiple neighborhoods throughout Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. The announcement follows in suit with the company’s multi-year, multi-million dollar investment strategy to extend its fiber network around the area. i3 Broadband provides consumers with access to high speed Internet, HD television and voice services. The company wants consumers to know that their services are delivered with unparalleled reliability, value and responsiveness.

The services provided by i3 are significantly different from phone DSL and conventional cable company services. i3’s innovative fiber-to-the-home network ensures data is transferred to the users quicker and more reliably than before. Simultaneously, the company insists their service delivers a stronger signal. In order to accommodate their expansion goals, i3 Broadband has announced plans to hire local technicians and other tradesmen sometime later this year.

i3 Broadband is one of the partners working with the UC2B not-for-profit board to expand true fiber connectivity to more households and business. i3 Broadband has worked actively with UC2B to develop neighborhood build outs and promote a community benefit fund that will help eradicate technology adoption barriers for disadvantaged groups in the community. i3 Broadband announced plans to break ground on the new fibers areas immediately.

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