The Insta360 Nano has become one of the world’s most popular camera for the iPhone. Much of the camera’s popularity should be accredited to its clip-on functionality and 360-degree view. The camera is also the first 360-degree camera, which is natively integrated with Periscope. When utilized through Twitter, the camera can provide users with access to live 360-degree video. Live streaming has undeniably grown more popular and the Insta360 Nano camera hopes to be able to revolutionize the technology.

The new feature makes it possible for users to live stream all of their live events in 360-degrees. Whether partaking in a party, festival, or simply traveling the world, consumers will be able to broadcast their activities in 360-degrees directly to Twitter and Periscope. It should be noted that everyone can currently watch live 360 videos through Twitter and Periscope. However, only certain individuals have been given access to 360-degree streaming via Periscope. Over the coming weeks, Twitter is expected to begin rolling out the feature to most users.

The Insta360 Nano will be available from select retailers throughout the world and has been given a suggested retail price of $199. Consumers will be able to check out the Insta360 Nano at the upcoming CES 2017. The event is scheduled for early January and will be held in Las Vegas. Those that attend the event will be able to check out a demonstration of the camera. The Android version of the camera will also be on display. Those that are interested in learning more about Insta360 and their cameras are advised to visit

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