On April the 26th, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, IAB, released the most recent edition of the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report. The statistics prove what many already expected. Online advertisement revenue continued to tick up and mobile advertising continued to grow at astonishing levels. According to the firm’s report, mobile advertising equated to 51% of the revenue spent by advertisers last year. In total, the advertising revenues topped records at 72.5 billion dollars. The report, which was prepared by PwC US, confirms the advertising revenues increased by a total of 22% from 2015.

iab internet advertising revenues

Mobile advertising alone soared 77% from the previous year. While almost all forms of Internet advertising saw major increases, it was mobile that helped to fuel the ongoing growth. Digital video ads also hit a new record of 9.1 billion dollars in 2016. Video revenue on mobile devices climbed a staggering 145% to almost 4.2 billion dollars. Social media advertising increased from 10.9 billion to 16.3 billion dollars. Digital audio, which was measured for the first time, generated revenues of 1.1 billion dollars in 2016.

The report concludes that the previous year closed on a strong note. Quarter 4 revenue leapt to record numbers of $21.6 billion. The figures increased as much as 24% from the previous year. Again, it was mobile advertising that showed the most strength. During the 4th quarter, mobile was responsible for 53% of all digital advertising revenues. The IAB sponsors the report, which is actually conducted by New Media Group of PwC. A full report is issued twice a year for half-year and full year statistics. Reports can be found at www.iab.com/adrevenuereport.

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