The INSPIRE Study is a medical study carried out by InVivo Therapeutics Holding Corp. The goal of the study is to identify the probable benefits of using the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold Implant to treat acute spinal cord injury. InVivo believes surgical implantation of its biodegradable Neuro-Spinal Scaffold can support appositional healing, while also reducing post-traumatic cavity formation, shielding white matter, and allowing for neural regeneration. The INSPIRE Study is designed to test the effectiveness of the device on patients with acute, complete, thoracic traumatic spinal cord injury. It is also being used as a pilot study for acute, complete, cervical traumatic spinal cord injury.

On May the 8th, the study took one step forward with the addition of a new patient. According to the company’s press release, a new patient was enrolled into the study at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. The hospital’s Assistant Professional of Neurological Surgery and co-study investigator, Jason J. Chang MD, carried out the surgery and implantation approximately seventy-seven hours after the injury occurred. InVivo’s Chief Executive Office, Mark Perrin, stated, “We were pleased to hear that the procedure was a success and that the patient is doing well.” He also pointed out that the study now has 15 patients enrolled and in follow up.

The Neuro-Spinal Scaffold has received a HUD, Humanitarian Use Device, designation. The InVivo Study of Probable Benefit of the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold is still ongoing. Additional details about the study and its intend goals can be found at

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