IOGEAR is one of the leading manufacturers of information technology products for consumers and businesses. On December the 22nd, the company launched a new HDMI Over Powerline solution, which enables consumers and businesses to deliver high-definition video over long distances, while utilizing the property’s preexisting electrical wiring. The HDMI Over Prowerline Pro helps to eradicate the need and unsightly presence of HDMI cables running throughout a property. Instead, users will be able to relay high-definition video and audio through the building’s power outlets.

Consumers can simply connect an HDMI source to the transmitter and then connect the receiver to an HDMI-enabled device, such as projector or television. Once the transmitter and receiver are plugged into the power outlets, content from the source device can be sent over distances up to 984 feet. The company is currently offering the HDMI Over Powerline PRO Kit in various packages. The lowest priced package includes a single receiver. The price increases as the consumer adds additional receivers to their bundle. For a single receiver, the retail price will be approximately $399.95. Additional receivers can be purchased individually for a price of $199.95.

In total, the HDMI Over Powerline solution is compatible with a maximum of four receivers. The system is best for home entertainment systems, where Wi-Fi connectivity is unreliable. The system is also capable of saving consumers money, by allowing them to avoid running HDMI cables throughout their property. The system includes infrared pass-through, which makes it possible for users to control the HDMI media source from any area of their home or office. Each HDMI Over Powerline Solution is protected by a limited 1-year warranty. Additional information can be acquired by visiting the company’s official website at

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