Since the beginning of the month, the state of Wisconsin has received WARN notifications from two companies, Bosch Packaging Technology and Authenticom. Bosch announced it would be closing and laying off 35 workers. Authenticom Inc. announced it would be reducing its workforce by 55. On November 13, 2017, Wisconsin officials received another WARN notice from K-Mart.

The letter to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development confirmed that a change in business circumstances will soon lead to the closure of the K-Mart store in Stevens Point. Store number 07010 is located at 111 Division Street in North Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The entire store is set to close, with employee separations expected to take place on January 21, 2018 or during the 14-day period after that date.

The letter explains that Kmart believes that the closure will lead to the permanent separations of roughly 45 employees. Those workers are not represented by a union and will not have bumping rights. Twelve of the workers serve as checkout service associates. Two are office associates and two are pharmacy technicians.

The full WARN notification is available here.

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