On June the 5th, Keurig Green Mountain announced the launch of their new lineup of brewer colors. The colors will arrive in time for the spring and summer seasons. The company worked closely with Pantone Color Institute to ensure their color choices would work exceptionally well with the kitchen designs of modern homeowners. The bold new colors are capable of complementing an assortment of interior design aesthetics. The new colors include Black Plum, Plum Gray and Oasis.

keurig new colors

The Black Plum color has been influenced by the antioxidant ingredients of vegetables and fruits. It resembles a bluish purple with a touch of red. The company believes the color will help to add interest and drama to any kitchen. The Black Plum is available exclusively in the K15 series brewer. It is available from the company’s official website and through other retailers for a low cost of just $99.99.

The Plum Gray brewer is designed for those that desire subtlety. The color is neutral and therefore helps to maintain harmony and composure in the kitchen. The unique gray color will make a great complement to traditional stainless steel appliances. The Plum Gray, which is only available in the K200 series brewer, is one of the company’s most desirable colors. Plum Gray Keurig brewers are sold for $129.99.

Finally, the Oasis color delivers a unique combination of nostalgia and modernity. The cool blue-green color offers a vintage feel. This specific color will only be available for the K200 brewer. It will also retail with a price tag of $129.99. Simultaneously, Keurig has worked exclusively with its retail partners to allow certain retailers to bring exclusive colors to their stores. For instance, the K15 Brewer in the Oasis color will only be available at Target stores later this summer.

Kohl’s will begin offering the K200 series brewers in Graphite in Denim Blue. More details about the new Keurig colors can be found here.

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