Retail crime have become an enormous problem for the country’s biggest retailers. While some mall operators have beefed up their security by increasing their head count, others have turned to technology to help safeguard their facilities. This is where Knightscope enters the picture. The startup company focuses solely on the development of physical security technologies that will be able to greatly enhance security operations. The company’s most notable products are the K3 and the K5. These crime fighting robots rely on the company’s highly innovative user interface, Knightscope Security Operations Center, to help provide their client with the results that are desired.

Since various entities have started using the K3 and K5, the company has documented and verified incidents where the robots proved to be beneficial. In one case, one of the company’s robots aided law enforcement in issuing an arrest warrant to a sexual predator. In another situation, a robot helped a retail security officer apprehend a thief. A healthcare organization has reported that the robot has been beneficial to reducing vehicle break-ins. This combination proves that Knightscope’s crime fighting robots can be effective in a wide range of circumstances.

Knightscope implements a strategy of combining hardware and software to provide security professionals with the results that they deserve. The company’s K5 robot offers a wealth of features that will prove to be enormously advantageous in retail establishments. For instance, the robot is equipped with advanced anomaly detective and live 360-degree video streaming. The robot can also deliver real-time notifications to security personnel. The company expects that their K5 robot will soon be able to detect firearms on those passing by. It is also believed that the Knightscope robot will be compatible with IBM’s Watson in the future.

Security personnel will be able to use the Knigtscope Security Operations Center to remain in complete control of the robot. The software is designed to provide the user with a totally user-friendly experience. The K3 Robot is designed to patrol specific areas, such as arenas, shopping malls and office buildings. This specific robot offers 2-way audio, 360-degree video streaming and even thermal imagine. These features will be directly available to the user through the company’s Security Operations Center.

Investors can now purchase preferred stock in Knightscope’s Reg A+ “mini-IPO”. They can do so by visiting the company’s profile at SeedInvest. Those interested in learning more about Knightscope and their highly innovative robots are advised to visit the company’s official website at

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