The Finnish-based video game developer, Koukoi Games, has just launched their first video game, Crashing Season. The game will be made available to players throughout the world, but Chinese and Japanese gamers will need to wait a little bit longer to gain access to special editions of the game. Although the game has just hit the market, it has already managed to become an award winner, thanks to its unique 3D graphics and artwork. The game is now available through Apple’s App Store, as well as the Google Play Store. The best aspect of all is that gamers will be able to download it to their mobile devices right now for free of charge!

The mobile game startup was initially founded in early 2015 and specializes in the production of mobile games. The company puts tremendous emphasis on delivering video games, which deliver a memorable experience and top production value. The company’s team includes many, who are very familiar with the gaming scene, including employees from Nokia and Rovio. The company was able to acquire almost one million dollars in funding in 2015.

The action-packed runner game features amazingly fun physics and cool characters. The gamer will immerse themselves in a unique environment, which will require them to become the protector of animals. It is your goal to punish the evil hunters, who have destroyed the animals’ money vault. Can you collect all of the coins, punish the evil hunters and squash their devious bosses? There is only one way to find out! Check out the award-winning game for yourself right now, by visiting the App Store, Google Play or the game’s official website at

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