Over the course of several years, smart home technology has taken on a life of its own and has grown immensely in popularity. Many major corporations have entered the market with their very own products, while some have made acquisitions to specifically enter the industry. Jennifer Kelmer, who spent 15 years with Bose Corp., has now founded a new company, which will make it easier for consumers to embrace and introduce smart home technology into their lives. The new company, Level Up Your Home, provides consumers with a cost effective in-home consultation for all of their smart home needs.

Of course, smart technology doesn’t end at home. Ms. Kelmer and her crew are well aware of this and also provide services to commercial clients. The comprehensive consultation provided by Level Up Your Home will make clients aware of the potential of smart home technology and how such devices can make their lives substantially easier. The experts with Level Up Your Home will evaluate each consumer’s specific situation and find devices and products, which will suit their needs. The service is designed to provide the customer with the devices they need and the knowledge required to utilize each to the fullest.

Ms. Kelmer has configured a business plan, which will continue to be advantageous for the consumer long after the installation has been complete. The company will continue to work with their clients for the duration of the smart home’s lifespan, while performing system maintenance and ensuring upgrades are implemented. For consumers, who want to upgrade their ordinary homes with smart technology, the sheer complexity can be frightening.

This is where Level Up Your Home enters the picture. The company’s Smart Home Consultation will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of such technology, its benefits, and how it can improve your life on a daily basis. The company has enlisted the assistance of carefully selected professionals, who are located throughout the United States. The company currently offers their services to a small quantity of the United States, but their scope is expanding each and every day.

If you’re interested in transitioning to a smart home, but have concerns, doubts or questions, you will definitely want to check out Level Up Your Home.

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