LexisNexis strives to provide consumers with easy access to crime statistics. The company recently acquired the RAIDS Online crime maping system. The LexisNexis Community Crime Map is simply another step forward. On October 16th 2016, the company launched a brand new mobile application for iPhones and the Apple Watch. The application will provide American citizens with access to crime data and their local sex offender registry directly from their iOS mobile device. As violent crime continues to tick higher in many cities throughout the country, consumers feel obligated to keep up with the crime in their area in order to better prepare for their daily travels.

LexisNexis Risk Solution hopes their mobile application will bridge the information gap between local law enforcement and the citizens they serve and protect. The new app, which is titled LexisNexis Crime Alerts Mobile, provides consumers with free access to crime statistics in their local area. The mobile application is now available for iPhones and Apple Watches. Those that download the app will be provided with access to crime events in their local areas based on geolocation or a specified address. The app tracks crime events over the last 24 hours and can keep the user up to date based on their movements.

CEO of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Haywood Talcove, believes the app will “make a real difference in public safety and play a role in helping law enforcement agencies across the country to help foster public trust within their communities.” While iPhone and Apple Watch users can download the app from Apple’s App Store, desktop users will be able to find the app in the iTunes Store. Also, LexisNexis will display their new technologies at the upcoming IACP 2016 Annual Conference. The company can be found at Booth 2125.

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