On September 26, 2017, the Ohio Office of Workforce Development received a WARN notification from the Livingston Care Center. According to the letter, the Livingston Care Center, which is a skilled nursing and residential care facility, will soon be closing its entire operations. The facility is located at 20 Livingston Avenue in Dayton, Ohio.

The closure is expected to be permanent and all positions will be eliminated. The first round of layoffs and separations are expected to begin soon and continue periodically, until Livingston is no longer serving residents. The company has been unable to provide a definite date of closing, since the operations are dependent on the needs of the remaining residents.

Livingston has already made its employees aware of the impending layoffs. The impacted employees do not have bumping rights. In total, it is believed that less than 50 workers will be laid off, due to the upcoming closure. Nine of those workers are LPNs, while two are registered nurses. 14 state tested nursing assistants will also be laid off.

The full WARN letter can be found here.

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