On Thursday, Luma announced the launch of its brand new home WiFi system. The system, which will attempt to eliminate dead zones, while also enhancing security, has begun shipping to those that pre-ordered. It is also now available for purchase. The new router establishes a mesh network within the consumer’s home to effectively eliminate buffering and dead zones. The router, which can be controlled by a mobile app, will also safeguard all connected devices from malicious software and hacked.

The mobile app is user-friendly and gives the user the ability to monitor their network, pause the Internet and add new guests within a matter of minutes. The application offers a handful of features, such as alerting the consumer to their current download and upload speeds, as well as the number of devices currently connected to the network. It also gives consumers the option of filtering specific content, as a way to safeguard the Internet for children. Once a new device has connected to your network, you can easily grab your phone, scan the device, and decide to grant or deny it access.

The company has signed a new agreement with Best Buy, which will begin accepting pre-orders, with the official rollout expected to take place in July. The company also announced their continued relationship with Amazon and their intention to develop unique skills for the router. This will give consumers the ability to control their router by speaking with Amazon’s Alexa.

Once users have managed to completed the setup procedure, the Luma will configure a mesh network, which is perfect suited for the home, office or building. This flexibility will provide a solid, reliable connection, as well as enterprise-grade protection. The brand new home WiFi system is now available to purchase at Amazon, BestBuy and at the company’s official website GetLuma.com. Additional details regarding the Luma can be found by visiting the company’s press release.

Consumes can invest in a single Luma router for as little as $149 or they can opt for the multi-router pack of three for a price of $399. By purchasing multi-unit, the consumer will be able to enhance their network, since all three will simultaneously work in conjunction.

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