Lutron Electronics has confirmed that many of their lighting systems will now work fluidly with the Google Home Assistant. Thanks to the integration of the Google Home, consumers will now be able to manage their RadioRA, HomeWorks QS and Caseta Wireless lighting systems using their voice. In return, consumers will receive added flexibility and peace of mind. It only takes a few words for consumers to turn their lights on and off with help from the Google Assistant. The Google Home is a voice-enabled speaker, which is powered by the Google Assistant. Consumers can perform a wide range of actions with a Google Home, including asking questions, controlling lighting, and even streaming music.

lutron caseta wireless lighting system

Whether the user is getting ready for bed or an upcoming party, the Google Home can prove to be a valuable asset. The Google Assistant is also accessible on other platforms, including certain Android phones, Android Wear, and the Pixel. In order for consumers to use their Lutron devices with the Google Assistant, they’ll need to use the Smart Bridge or the Lutron Connect Bridge. Those that intend to purchase a RadioRA2 or HomeWorks QS lighting system will need the Lutron Connect Bridge. These two lighting systems will be available in June.

The Caseta Wireless System, which is available now, can be used in conjunction with the Google Assistant when the Smart Bridge is present. The Smart Bridge is essentially a hub that allows all of the consumer’s smart devices to connect to any product utilizing the Google Assistant. The Caseta Wireless lineup of products now works fluidly with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Kits can now be purchased at Amazon, the Apple Store, BestBuy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. The RadioRA2 and HomeWorks QS will be available at authorized dealers in the United States and Canada beginning this June. Additional details can be found here.

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