Luvo Inc. has established itself as one of the most innovative food companies, with the goal of creating healthy, yet delicious, frozen foods. The company strives to provide consumers with nutritious, convenient and tasty foods. Of course, Luvo places great emphasis on nutrition and ensuring consumers make the best food choices. On December the 13th, the company launched their brand-new mobile app, which will help consumers make the right food choices. The app is available to consumers in the United States through Apple’s iTunes store. Luvo CheckIt is a highly innovative mobile app, which is capable of analyzing the nutritional values for food items.

luvo checkit mobile app

Once the app has been downloaded to the user’s phone, they’ll scan the food item’s barcode. From there, the mobile application will present the user with great insight into the product’s nutritional value. More importantly, the mobile app will provide the user with a definite answer to the most common question, “is this specific item good for me?” The unique approach to nutrition is perfectly suited for the 21st century.

Users, who add the app to their phones, will be able to obtain real nutritional guidance at any point in time. The advanced algorithm utilized by the Luvo CheckIt application is designed to guide the consumer to more sensible and healthy food choices. To make things easier for the consumer, the Luvo CheckIt app relies on a color-coded system. The color-coding makes it possible for the user to quickly identify foods that are good, neutral, and those that are best avoided. Along with the color evaluation, the app also delivers thoughtful tips to ensure the consumer is aware of the positive and negative aspects of each edible item.

luvo checkit application

And finally, CheckIt also provides user with quick access to cheat-sheets and daily tips. The mobile application intends to provide users with the information needed to maintain a healthier diet. The mobile application, which is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, is now available in the Apple iTunes store. At this point in time, the app is only available to the American market. It is expected to be released in Canada during January of 2017.

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