This week, Marvel Entertainment confirmed it had entered into a partnership with Aftershock to begin developing and publishing mobile games. Aftershock, a FoxNext Games studio, will create a mobile game based on the vast Marvel Universe. The game is expected to be developed at the firm’s Los Angeles studio, which is home to industry veterans from various successful companies such as Blizzard, EA and Riot.

The game will follow in suit of the action-RPG genre and will give players the opportunity to engage with their all-time favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains. The mobile game will deliver a unique gameplay experience and will allow gamers to go to battle with others from all around the world.

Senior Vice President of Games and Innovation for Marvel Entertainment, Jay Ong, spoke about the partnership. “Aftershock is creating something special and we are thrilled to finally announce this news. The game will be the full package: an exciting storyline, epic moments with Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains, and incredible visuals that truly being our characters to life.” Ong went on to confirm that the project had become one of the biggest and boldest for their studio.

President of Studios for FoxNext Games, Aaron Loeb, admits teaming up with Marvel “is a dream partnership”.

Aftershock was recently acquired by FoxNext Games. The acquisition followed in line with FoxNext’s wish to acquire industry-leading experiences across all gaming mediums. The Aftershock studio has a few projects in their works, including a massively multiplayer mobile strategy game based on James Cameron’s AVATAR series. The title is being developed in partnership with Lightstorm Entertainment.

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