On Thursday, August 17, 2017, United States Attorney John E. Kuhn Jr. announced that a licensed Kentucky attorney had pleaded guilty to various charges involving defrauding clients of insurance settlements exceeding $550,000. 43-year-old James Grant King was licensed by the Kentucky Bar Association from at least March 2007 to May 2017.

King admitted that he committed aggravated identify theft and wire fraud during that period of time. King primarily served clients within the Western District of Kentucky. He often worked with plaintiffs that were attempting to recover monetary damages. King frequently attempted to settle his clients’ cases with insurance companies.

james grant king kentucky

After managing to reach a settlement, King would keep large portions or all of the settlement proceeds. In some cases, King would tell his clients that he was still waiting for a resolution and settlement, despite the case already being settled and the money already being paid in full. King’s clients trusted him and therefore did not question his actions.

The settlement arrived in the form of a check, so King would forge the signatures of his clients. King is also charged with obtaining a $97,500 personal loan from an individual from McCracken County. King transferred the title of a Phoenix Model 920 Pro XP boat as collateral. Months later, King acquired a duplicate title and sold the boat. He failed to repay the loan.

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