On May the 18th, MetLife Auto & Home confirmed it would soon be expanding its usage-based automobile insurance program, My Journey. The company will provide clients with access to a new smartphone app, which can be utilized to monitor and improve their driving. The new app is powered by technology provided by TrueMotion and it will be compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. The goal of the app is to ensure drivers are able to gain access to crucial feedback as quickly as possible. Then, they’ll be able to use this information to improve their driving and slash their insurance rates.

The My Journey app is designed to track the driver’s behavior, such as miles driven, road type, road conditions, time of the day, hard braking, and harsh acceleration. The app can also detect distracted driving from phone use. At the end of each trip, the user will receive a score based on their driving performance. The possible score ranges from 1 to 100 with 100 equating to the safest trip possible. As the user continues to utilize the app over a period of time, they’ll be provided with a cumulative safety score.

The information provided by the app can help drivers better understand their risks and the distractions they face. In return, they’re be able to change their driving behaviors to decrease the likelihood of potential crashes in the future. MetLife Auto & Home believes in the power of their new application so much that they’re willing to reward consumers, who are willing to enroll in the new program with an immediate 10% off the standard rates.

After MetLife has collected 6 months worth of data from the driver, they’ll be able to calculate a more accurate discount based on the driver’s unique driving behaviors. MetLife will reward careful behavior with discounts up to 30% off at the following renewal. Consumers can rest assured knowing their rates will not be increased, due to the information collected. The My Journey app is available for free to everyone who enrolls in the usage-based program.

At this point in time, the My Journey program is available in select states, including New Jersey, Utah, Michigan and Wisconsin. MetLife confirmed plans to expand to additional states in the near future.

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