Earlier this week, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in coordination with Governor Rick Snyder announced the expansion of their CareConnect360 initiative. Thanks to the unique data-sharing project, children in foster care will receive better care. The platform will provide caseworkers with rapid access to their patient’s medical history and individualistic care needs. Governor Snyder merged the Department of Community Health and Services in 2015 with the intention of improving the department’s ability to meet the needs of each patient. In a press release, Snyder admitted the goal is to provide coordinated care to the 13,000 some children in the state’s foster care system.

The initiative will attempt to address each child’s developmental, behavioral and physical needs in the most comprehensive way possible. The MDHHS hopes providing foster care professionals with digital access to patient health information will enable the state to help residents live healthier lives. The unique CareConnect360 program is classified as an Internet portal and care management tool. MDHHS has implemented strict privacy and security protocols to ensure personal information stored in the system is private and secure. Previously, it was possible for foster care professionals to gain access to pertinent medical records for the children in their care.

Now, they have quicker access to comprehensive behavioral and physical health care info. The state sincerely believes the system will go to great lengths to ensure children in the foster care system have their health needs met fully and rapidly. MDHHS staff will utilize the information to spot gaps in care, while also consulting with parents to ensure they’re well aware of their children’s needs. The newest upgrade of the software will finally allow more than 1,800 foster care workers and supervisors to access the information. The project is a cooperative effort between Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services and Optum, which is a health and technology partner. More details can be found by visiting Michigan’s official website here.

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