On September 28, 2017, the Federal Trade Commission announced that Moonlight Slumber LLC had agreed to settle charges that it made misrepresentations to consumers that it could not support. The Elgin, Illinois-based company advertised baby mattresses as being organic and free of VOCs, volatile organic compounds. The FTC alleged that the company made misrepresentations about its Starlight Simplicity and Little Star mattresses, which the company claimed were organic.

The company claimed that the Little Star mattress was made with a “Natural Latex Core” and that many of its mattresses were made using plant-based foam. The FTC insists that the core of the Little Star was made with a synthetic material, while the foam contained little to no plant-based materials. The complaint also alleged that the company falsely claimed that testing had proven that products from Moonlight Slumber contained no VOCs.

Finally, the FTC complaint claims that Moonlight Slumber claimed its products were certified by the “Green Safety Shield”, but failed to disclose that this was a design made by Moonlight Slumber and awarded to its own products. The proposed order will prohibit the company from making similar misleading representations in the future.

The FTC’s full release on the matter can be found here.

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