Earlier this week, the Swiss wearables brand, MyKronoz, provided consumers with an update regarding their hybrid smartwatch ZeTime. The unique timepiece, which stylishly combines mechanical hands with a full round touchscreen, has become one of the Top 50 most-funded projects on Kickstarter. The smartwatch is also the 2nd more-funded wearable campaign of all time. And finally, it is the first and most-funded hybrid smartwatch. The ZeTime is based on groundbreaking technology, which effectively allows a hole to be added to the center of the round TFT color display. Subsequently, the hole is used for the mechanical watch hands.

mykronoz zetime smartwatch

In return, the ZeTime delivers a classic design of a traditional watch with all of the features consumers would expect from a modern smartwatch. More importantly, MyKronoz wants consumers to know that their first-of-its-kind watch comes with an accessible price. The ZeTime watch can comfortably be worn all day. Even when the smart screen is turned off, the user will still be able to tell the time, thanks to the addition of the mechanical hands. These hands will operate functional for a maximum of 30 days per charge. The watch includes the exclusive ‘Smart Movement’ technology, which allows the hands to automatically adjust to the consumer’s current time zone.

This technology also ensures the hands remain out of view when the screen is used for reading notifications. MyKronoz, which has already established itself in the wearables market, is confident that their supply chain and production capacity will be able to meet the new demand for their ZeTime Smartwatch. The watch’s Kickstarter campaign has already been backed by more than 17,000 backers. Contributors have also provided the company with input, which the company will use to enhance the product to the fullest. The watch’s most notable features will be listed below.

  • Always-on – Mechanical hands, which are powered by smart movement, work up to 30 days on a single charge
  • Activity and Sleep Tracker – Watch is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, as well as a heart-rate sensor. The combination allows the watch to track heart-rate, distance, steps, calories, sleep, and active minutes.
  • User-friendly Control – Watch can be managed through the touchscreen or the smart crown.
  • Keeps Users Aware – Allows users to view incoming calls, check the weather, inspect social networking notifications, and more.
  • Controls Phone – ZeTime gives users the ability to control their phone directly from their wrist. With the ZeTime, users can snap a photo, play music, and make their phone ring.


The ZeTime is currently available on Kickstarter for $139. The watch, which is expected to be available for retail by September of this year, will sell for $199.90. Additional information can be found by visiting www.mykronoz.com.

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