On May the 31st, Nest Labs Inc. unveiled their brand new Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera. The camera offers best-in-class imaging and intelligent features to make actionable information readily available to the consumer. For instance, users will be able to determine when their child has returned home or when a stranger has broken in. Nest believes their Cam IQ will allow consumers to spend more time living their lives and less worrying about their security. The camera is equipped with high-tech features that enable it to determine the difference between the objects, pets and people it sees.

Nest’s Cam IQ can differentiate between a dog, cat and person. Alerts are sent accordingly without any subscription requirements. Once a person has been identified, the user will receive a person alert. Simultaneously, the camera will zoom in on the intruder and track their moments, so the consumer can better determine their motives. The company offers additional features to consumers that sign up for a Nest Aware subscription. With a subscription, the user will receive alerts based on the actual person or pet spotted inside of the home. A name can be assigned to each.

nest cam iq

While the new enhancements are impressive, Nest understands that a good customer experience begins with a solid foundation of software and hardware. This is why the company’s Nest Cam IQ offers the following features.

  • Talk and Listen – The Cam IQ camera is equipped with speakers seven times more powerful than those incorporated into the original Nest Cam. A three-microphone array helps to suppress unwanted noise, while also cancelling echo, for far clearer audio.
  • Superb Video Quality – The Nest Cam IQ delivers outstanding video quality through a unique combination of powerful hardware, impressive software, and a convenient app. The camera relies on a 4K image sensor, 12x digital zoom and HDR imagine to ensure even the finest details are captured. With two 940 nm infrared LEDs, the camera will brighten the scene even when its pitch dark.
  • Strong Security – All video is encrypted using 128-bit AES with TLS/SSL secure connection, before it is streamed or stored. Two-step verification is available for all Nest account holders. Over-the-air updates help to protect against the latest threats.

The camera also offers a handful of intelligent features, such as Personal Alerts, Supersight, Intelligent Audio Alerts, and Familiar Face Alerts. This combination helps to ensure that the user is aware of what is going on in their home at any given time.

The Nest Cam IQ is now available for pre-order in the United States. Nest has set a suggested retail price of $299 USD for a single camera.

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