On February the 2nd, Nestle announced that they would be expanding their manufacturing plant in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The Eau Claire based factories are currently used to manufacture more than two-hundred products ranging from infant formulas to nutritional drinks. The purpose of the investment is to increase the manufacturing capacity of the plant, while simultaneously optimizing the facility’s assets to ensure products meet nutritional needs of United States consumers.

According to Nestle, the expansion will increase the facility’s production capabilities from 100,000 tons to nearly 120,000 tons. As a result of the expansion, the company expects to create temporary construction and facility jobs. Some of the current products manufactured at the plant include those sold under the Gerber, Good Start, Boost, and Peptamen brands. Nestle is committed to enhancing quality of life, while also contributing to a healthier future.

The company’s diverse portfolio of edibles and beverages gives every member of the American household options and also supports healthy aging for consumers and their pets. The company’s United States operations include 8 main businesses, including Purine PetCare, Nestle Waters, Nespresso, Nestle Skin Health, Nestle Nutrition, and Nestle Health Science. The company currently operates in more than one-hundred and twenty locations across forty-seven states. They also employ more than fifty-one thousand people.

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