On June the 2nd, the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, DORES, announced the launch of their new online Cigarette Licensing Service. The launch follows in suit with the department’s desire to provide consumers and businesses with the convenience of online services. The Cigarette Licensing Service makes it possible for businesses to file a new application and renew an existing cigarette license online. The user-friendly interface streamlines the entire process and enables businesses to complete every step online.

Once the application has been completed, business owners will be able to submit their payment through a secure channel. Finally, licenses and certifications for vending machines can be downloaded directly from the system. The new service is mobile-friendly and therefore can be completed anywhere in the world. Simultaneously, it can be accessed twenty-four hours a day. The new service and others can be found by visiting the DORES website at https://www.njportal.com/dor/cm100.

The service also offers additional conveniences to business owners.

  • Application process is entirely secure, regardless of device used
  • Data can be pre-loaded for renewals
  • Business owners will have immediate access to license and certifications

The system was developed by the New Jersey Information Division of NICUSA Inc. The group wishes to make government services more accessible to consumers and business owners through technology.

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