The United States is desperately in need of more nurses. Concordia University has taken immediate action to try and rectify the problem. On April the 12th, regional healthcare professional gathered for the grand opening of Concordia University’s new Nursing Skills Center. The new center is located at 9600 SW Barnes Road in the city of Portland, Oregon. The building is located adjacent to the Providence Saint Vincent Medical Center. The new facility is specifically designed to accommodate the new ABSN, accelerated bachelor of science in nursing, program at Concordia University.

Concordia University has a good track record of consistently graduating highly skilled, caring nurses. In total, the new facility expands over 11,980 square feet. It includes two simulation rooms, large lab spaces, and high-tech medical mannequins. The building is also home to conference rooms, faculty offices, an observation room, and student collaboration space. The facility will be used to house students that have enrolled in the ABSN program, which expands over a period of 16 months.

According to Health Resources and Services Administration in Oregon, the state could soon experience a nursing shortage. It is believed there could be a shortfall of 6,000 nurses by the year 2025. Concordia University-Portland is stepping up and working diligently to prepare more nurses for a brighter future. The university is putting more nurses through its ABSN program and its accredited bachelor of science in nursing, BSN, degree program. Those that complete Concordia programs pass the national licensure exam at a rate of 91.67%, which is well above the average of 83.7%. Those interested in learning more should visit the university’s website here.

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