Nintendo has remained at the forefront of the video game industry for many years. Nonetheless, their console business has lagged during the past few console generations. Nintendo will attempt to return to the spotlight of the console battle with their upcoming Switch console. The console will be officially unveiled on January the 12th during the Nintendo Switch Presentation. After the presentation has concluded, the Switch console will go on tour throughout the United States. The tour will include a handful of cities, including New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Also, the console will make a detour to Canada.

  • January 13-15 New York
  • January 27-29 Toronto
  • February 10-12 Washington, DC
  • February 17-19 Chicago
  • February 24-26 San Francisco
  • March 3-5 Los Angeles

Be aware that the first two days for each tour stop is only open to invitees. Fans will be invited to the third day in each city. On each Sunday, fans will be to enter the venue, so they can experience the new Switch system for themselves. Unfortunately, space is limited. Those that some first will be served first. Therefore, Nintendo recommends that everyone try to arrive as early as possible. The goal of the tour is to provide gamers of all ages with the opportunity to experience the Nintendo Switch console for the first time.

While the company’s press release insists select launch games will be on hand, it is unknown what titles they’re referring to specifically. Nonetheless, gamers will definitely want to be on hand to enjoy the experience for themselves. Nintendo will be providing more details to the public at the upcoming Nintendo Switch Presentation. The event will take place on January the 12th.

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