On February the 24th, it was announced that founding members of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service, Nokia and Federated Wireless, would team up to create an LTE solution based on the unique CBRS shared spectrum. Federated Wireless will provide their cloud-based spectrum controller to the effort. This technology provides operators with a cost-effect and dynamic way to access the new spectrum. Nokia will be providing outdoor and indoor CBRS small cells via the Flexi Zone solution. The new CBRS 3.5 GHz band is capable of accommodating the quickly increasing demand for wireless network capacity, while simultaneously combating interference and coordination issues.

Operators have immediately identified benefits of the new band and several in the United States have already committed to trialing the new technology. This will help to ensure that operators are more prepared to make the transition to 5G. Nokia and Federated Wireless make for a great team for this precise project. Nokia will put its massive portfolio of technologies and services to use, while Federated Wireless offers their innovative spectrum controller technology.

For information about the cooperative effort, be sure to check out the press release now.

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