Just awhile back, Withings became a part of the Nokia (NYSE: NOK) family. The company, which develops and manufactures innovative smart products, has continued to remain active under Nokia’s watch. The company’s latest product is unlike anything else on the market and could very well prove the company’s worth to Nokia and Nokia stockholders. The Withings Steel HR is expected to be made available to the public this coming October. The watch is somewhat of a mixture between Apple’s Watch and FitBit’s bands. With an initial glance, you’ll believe you’re looking at an ordinary watch.

The Steel HR doesn’t appear out of the ordinary. It features a simplistic band and a traditional watch face. However, once you dig deeper into the functionality of the product, you’ll find that it is very unique. First and foremost, the user will be able to control what the watch displays at any given time. The screen configuration can be manipulated through the associated Android and iOS app. Users will then be able to cycle through each display option, by pressing the multifunction button found on the side of the watch’s face.

Unlike many of the alternatives on the market, the Withings Steel HR sports an impressive battery life, which is calculated in months instead of days. According to the company, they can stretch the battery life to about 45 days. The rechargeable battery cell will offer 25 days worth of consistent heart rate reading, while dissipating the frequency of readings during the workday and at night. Once 25 days have passed, the watch will enter a power-saving mode, which keeps track of steps and activity. Nonetheless, the user won’t be required to recharge the watch after each use. And, the battery life is currently the longest for any HR tracker.

withings fitness app

The watch is designed, so it can be used for various exercise activities, including swimming, running, and working out. According to the manufacturer, the watch will provide logs for distance ran, as well as duration. All metrics, which are tracked by the watch, will be viewable through the Withings Health Mate app. The app also works fluidly with all of Withings’ fitness products. The watch will be available in two different versions, a 36mm edition and a 40mm edition. The 36mm version will retail at $179.95, while the 40mm version can be purchased for $199.95. Both are expected to be available on the company’s website and within select stores by the end of October.

To learn more about the Steel HR, be sure to check out Withings’ official website here.

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