On Friday, it was announced that a woman from North Ogden had pleaded guilty to a single count of mail fraud and a count of tax evasion. 35-year-old Hailey Keele admitted to being involved in an $840,000 embezzlement scheme at the business where she was employed. Court documents show that Keele admitted that from July of 2006 to roughly November of 2014, the company she was employed with provided her with access to its online American Express credit card account.

The defendant prepared checks and got the company’s business manager to sign the checks. This was done under the pretense that the checks were going to be used to pay the company’s American Express account. Keele hid the fact that the American Express account would be fully paid automatically via automatic online payment she set up using her online access. She also concealed the fact that she intended to use the checks for payments for her personal American Express account.

The business manager signed the checks. The defendant admitted to using the funds to pay for personal expenses. Keele also admitted to committing mail fraud when she contacted American Express in August of 2012 and requested a credit balance refund check of $36,681.15. The check was delivered by mail. The tax evasion conviction is related to the 2014 tax year. The defendant knew that she had obtained a significantly higher income through the fraud scheme, but did not report it on her taxes that year.

The total amount of income tax due on the unreported income was $100,300. Sentencing has been scheduled for February 21, 2018. Additional details can be found here.

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