OASE, which happens to be the leading producer of creative water designs, stunned aquarists on March the 22nd, when they unveiled their new biOrb TUBE Aquariums. The company will exclusively showcase the new line of aquariums at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. The biOrb TUBE Aquariums are unique in terms of appearance and shape. They feature a cylindrical-profile and will provide viewers with a 360-degree transparent display. The aquariums offer an enormous array of multi-color LED light options, which can be customized with a convenient remote control.

oase biorb tube aquarium

The new TUBE collection of aquariums is made with durable acrylic. The company hopes this material will provide consumers with added longevity and a far more impressive view. The unique minimalist design can help to enhance the aesthetics of any room or blend into the existing style. The TUBE aquariums are available with white or black trim. They are also available in sizes of four to nine gallons of water. The biOrb TUBE aquariums also offer the perfect environment for fish. The patents biOrb 5-stage filtration and underground filter helps to ensure that the water remains highly oxygenated and pH-balanced.

The filter will remain concealed and therefore will never negatively impact the view. OASE sincerely believes consumers will prefer this type of setup, when compared to conventional and unsightly hang-on filters. Finally, the filter cartridge helps to simplify the necessary maintenance requirements. To learn more, be sure to check out the company’s newest press release now!

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