On October the 7th, Orbit Irrigation Products declared their Wi-Fi Sprinkler Timer, B-Hyve, to be a success. The product has been on the market for a duration of four month, yet sales have already exceeded expectations. The company also insists momentum has continued to elevate. In order to accommodate the growing demand, Orbit has stepped up the manufacturing capacity of their United States facilities for the B-Hyve. This will give the company a steady supply well into next year.

The B-Hyve is an innovative sprinkler timer, which allows consumers to control their systems from anywhere in the world. The system can be manipulated via smartphone, computer and tablet. The associated B-Hyve mobile application is highly praised by consumers for its functionality and is currently available for iOS and Android devices. The app is also available through a web interface. Through the app, consumers can program their timer. Alternatively, they can allow the timer’s weather-based algorithm to do the work for them.

To date, the timer has received substantial praise for its convenience and cost-saving features. According to the company’s latest press release, the product is capable of cutting the average homeowner’s water usage by as much as 30 to 50%. For additional information, be sure to check out the company’s official website at OrbitOnline.com.

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