On Thursday, it was announced that a 36-year-old man from Orlando, Florida had been sentenced to five years and five months in prison for aggravated identity theft and bank fraud. Jaime H. Fort previously pleaded guilty on July 26, 2017. Court documents show that Fort and two associates carried out a scheme to defraud several federally insured financial institutions between January and March of 2016.

The defendants acquired the names, dates of births and Social Security numbers of victims and used the information to create counterfeit Florida driver’s licenses. The licenses were later used to obtain financing from banks. With the money, the conspirators bought three luxury vehicles. The vehicles were later sold for cash.

Court documents also show that Fort and his associates used the fraudulent licenses to acquire credit and make purchases in the victims’ names at various retailers in Orlando. It is estimated that Fort was responsible for more than $175,000 in purchases or attempted purchases made using credit in the names of his victims.

Fort’s associates, Sean White and Sena Howell, have also been charged for their involvement in the scheme. Sena Howell pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 27 months in prison on March 16, 2017. Sean White is a fugitive and remains at large. Again, Jaime H. Fort has been sentenced to five years and five months in prison.

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