This week, it was announced that the owner of Tan Co. had been sentenced to prison for his role in the kidnapping of a Maplewood man. Todd Beckman was sentenced to 240 months in prison for his involvement. Court documents show that on November 21, 2016, brothers Blake and Caleb Laubinger entered the victim’s residence. When the victim arrived home, they attacked him and confined him with zip ties. They threatened to kill the victim if he screamed.

The victim was transported to Blake Laubinger’s residence using a rental truck. Then, Todd Beckman and Kerry Roades arrived at the scene. The two men beat the victim. They accused him of stealing from Blake Laubinger and demanded money. The following day, the Laubinger brothers threatened to kill the victim, if they did not receive ransom money from his parents in Florida. The victim was beaten, tased and assaulted repeatedly. On November 22, Todd Beckman, Blake and Caleb Laubinger transported the victim in a rental truck to Beckman’s property.

There, he was confined in a shipping container. At this point, Beckman put a handgun to the victim’s head and threatened to kill him. On November 23, the parents of the victim paid roughly $27,000 in ransom to Todd Beckman. At this point, the victim was removed from the shipping container and was threatened with death, if he told anyone what had happened. The victim was transported to the Gravois Bluffs shopping center in a St. Louis Tan Co. van. He was released.

53-year-old Todd Beckman pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping on November 2. The defendant has now been sentenced to 240 months in prison for his role in the kidnapping. Additional details can be found here.

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