Within the past week, Oregon has received WARN notifications from two companies. NORPAC Foods Inc. sent a WARN notification to the Rapid Response Coordinator on September 13, 2017. The company notified the state that it would be permanently shutting down its Hermiston Foods plant at 2250 South Highway 395. In connection with the closure, the company will also begin employee separations on November 13, 2017 or within 14 days thereafter.

In total, the plant closure is expected to lead to the loss of 199 jobs. The impacted employees are not represented by a union and therefore do not have bumping rights. Also, Pacific Crest Transformers submitted a WARN notification with Oregon. That notification was received on September 19, 2017. Pacific Crest Transformers Inc. will not be shutting down its plant at 300 West Antelope Road in White City.

However, it will be carrying out a significant workforce reduction. The company’s mass layoff is expected to impact 110 employees. Union and non-union employees with the company will be permanently laid off on or about November 13, 2017 or 14 days thereafter. The company cites financial reasons for the mass layoff.

Since the beginning of this month, Oregon has received WARN notifications from several companies, including Nike, Panasonic and SYKES. On September 1, 2017, the state was notified that Nike would be laying off 745 workers. On September 7, 2017, Panasonic announced it would be laying off 92 workers and shutting down its facility.

Finally, SYKES has announced it would be closing its facility and eliminating 181 jobs.

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