On September 6, 2017, Panasonic submitted a WARN notification to Oregon’s Rapid Response Coordinator. In the WARN notification, Panasonic Solutions Solar America, which is a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, announced that it would soon be shutting down its Salem, Oregon facility. The facility located at 5475 Gaffin Road SE Salem, Oregon will be shutting down with the first round of employee separations expected to begin on November the 6th of this year.

Employees were notified of the impending closure on September the 6th. Panasonic anticipates that the closure will be permanent. Panasonic admits that business conditions in its part of the solar industry have led to this decision. The facility is ceasing operations and the impacted employees have no bumping rights.

In total, the plant’s closure is expected to impact 92 workers. Also this month, Nike announced that it would lay off 745 in the state of Oregon.

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