Panasonic Corporation is gearing up for a big challenge. The company will soon make fine tunings to its EVOLTA Robot to prepare it for one of its toughest challenges on July the 7th. On this date, the robot, which will be powered by dry cell batteries, will attempt a 1,000m fjord vertical climb. The challenge will take place in Lysefjord, Norway and it will test the durability and power of the company’s EVOLTA NEO dry cell batteries. The batteries were initially released to the Japanese market in April of this year. The company intends to livestream the event, so consumers all around the world can join in on the action.

panasonic evolta robot

The challenge will involve attaching a rope to the steep cliffs of the fjord. Then, the company’s robot, Mr. EVOLTA NEO, will attempt to complete the 1,000 vertical climb. Along the way, the robot will be powered by two AA dry cell batteries. The robot was designed and developed by Tomotaka Takahashi, who has taken part in the challenge with Panasonic since 2008. Mr. Takahashi admits he is fully aware of the challenge ahead. “We have set our bar higher this year, but looking forward to our greatest challenge through leveraging and maximizing our past experiences.”

The entire challenge will be broadcasted live. Footage will be streamed from the base camp, as well as a 360-degree camera that will track the robot’s motion in real time. The broadcast is expected to start on 4:30 AM Local Time. Streams will be available on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Panasonic expects the challenge to end sometime around 4 PM Local Time. Additional details can be found here.

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