PetSmart, the biggest pet specialty retailer in North America, wants to make sure all pets are able to find a suitable home. The company has worked hard over the past few years to bolster their pet adoption efforts. Today, October 19, 2016, the company announced the acquisition of AllPaws. All Paws, which is an online and mobile platform for pet adoption, will make it easier for PetSmart to ensure their pets find their way into loving homes.

According to PetSmart’s press release, AllPaws is utilized by nearly 5,000 animal rescuers and shelters throughout North America. The platform gives these entities the ability to showcase and promote their adoptable pets. Now, thousands of animal welfare organization will be given the opportunity to add their pets to the platform. Doing so will give them the ability to increase their exposure, while greatly increasing the chances of having their pets adopted. Those that are interested in adopting an animal will be able to do in the most convenient manner possible through the AllPaws platform.

The system allows pet adopters to seek out pets based on a variety of criteria, including the following.

  • Breed
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Personality or energy level
  • Temperament
  • Training level
  • Geolocation

The combination will ensure families are able to find the most suitable pets for their home and lifestyle. The AllPaws platform is available to consumers throughout the United States for free of charge. The platform can be accessed through the website and is also available as an iPhone App. According to PetSmart, AllPaws receives approximately 800,000 to 900,000 visits each month. Each view could equate to a pet being saved and given a loving, caring home. Those interested in viewing available pets within their area are advised to download the mobile app or visit

According to the company, a pet is adopted for every 30 seconds a PetSmart store remains open. This results in an estimated 1,400 pets being saved each and every day. PetSmart estimates that they help adopt nearly 500,000 pets each year. Those interested in becoming a pet parent should visit AllPaws right away.

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